PROJECT DATE: 06/24/2016 - 07/14/2016


With Men's Fashion Week closely approaching, we wanted to fuse fashion and tech to create a memorable, interactive runway show experience.
Mesmerized by Grungy Gentleman shows since 2015, we wanted to take part in the magic this time around by helping to produce his upcoming S/S runway show...
It started with a game changing partnership with Microsoft.


We approached Grungy Gentleman designer and founder, Jace Lipstein, asking if he'd be interested in adding a livestream element to his show.
He was thrilled with the idea and was further shocked when we looped in Microsoft to fuse tech and fashion together for a remarkable runway event.

With the help of a corporate event planner at Microsoft's 5th Avenue flagship store, who coincidentally was already interested in partnering with Grungy Gentleman, we arranged to have an HD live-stream of the runway show along with a viewing party at the Microsoft 5th Avenue flagship store.

We’ve discussed the live streaming portion... and would love to do that in store!
Would love to collaborate with you on Men’s Fashion Week.”


Wanting to bring insane value to Microsoft, we devised a marketing strategy to bring Microsoft's Surface Pro Laptops to the runway.
We invited a handful of popular NY menswear influencers including Sabir Peele (MensStylePro) and Dathias Hoang (Modern Man Journal) to blog live from the front row of the runway and we put the power of Microsoft's Surface Pro laptops in their hands.
Many of the influencers utilized Facebook Live, a brand new feature in its infancy at the time.

Since the livestream was the crux of this partnership, we partnered with First Live Studios to film and stream Grungy Gentleman's show.
Our goal was to make the runway show and overall brand experience accessible to a wider audience -
Grungy Gentleman proved to be an exciting brand worth showcasing.
Microsoft helped us maximize impressions with the livestream by offering to stream the show directly to their massive television screens at the Microsoft 5th avenue flagship store.
This was a huge opportunity for Grungy Gentleman to extend it's reach as a brand


After the show concluded, Jace hosted a meet and greet at Microsoft's flagship store for fans and influencers alike to watch runway replays, ask questions and unwind after a busy Fashion Week.

Designer, Jace, watches as his runway show replays at the Microsoft 5th Avenue Flagship Store

Hommenificent is extremely passionate about creating, so this was a natural fit for our brand!
Extremely stoked with how the collaboration shined on game day.”

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As an added bonus, our team was fortunate to snap the winning shot of Theo Rossi (Sons on Anarchy, Marvel's Luke Cage) on the runway.
Impressed with the capture, Theo featured our very own Rodney Fray's (@flick_canon) photo on his Instagram account immediately after the show.


Just kept telling myself put one foot in front of the other. #GrungyGentleman #NYFW Photo by @Flick_canon

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